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Brucebase Wiki - Update

Hi all,

Through this message i'd like to inform youon the latest status of Brucebase Wiki.

All images available on the Old Wiki are now all on Flickr, and available in the New Wiki.

All 1965, 1969, and 1970 gig-pages complete, plus all Earth gig-pages. With this the song/show statistics for all Springsteen's "Early Bands" (except for "The Castiles") are done as well.

The only gig-pages we need to build are thos of 1966, 1967 and first-half of 1968. Once these are done, we've completely restored Brucebase Wiki, and I must admit also very much improved it along the way.

We're also working on Bootleg- and Retail-pages, and Lyrics-pages for only the official Studio-releases. 

Great thanks go to Jake Romanow, who's really consistant in what he does, and keeps me sharp as well, and I definately could not have been weher we are today without him. Further thanks go to David Tilson, who just recently joined us. His focus is mainly on finding the missing info on venues, but also rewriting of the whole On-The-Tracks section, including the bootleg-pages that add to them.

Anyway, the end is in sight, and we will be ready before the new tour begins ;-)

However, work will never be done. We have still some inconsistancies on pages, due to changing stuff along the road (eg breadcrums menu on song- and relation-page). New categories to be completed (eg. Retail, for now we only have retail:western-stars).

If you have any good idea that you would like to see on Brucebase, please let us know, and we will look into it. but some things we will definately not do, like create lyrics-pages for every different version of a song, or try to list every available bootleg around. There are sites online that already do a perfect job on these (eg. springsteenlyrics / bruceboots). We have to draw the line somewhere ;-) Most of the things we exclude are mentioned on the site anyway. But as said, a good idea is always welcome.


Enjoy Brucebase Wiki (Feel free to share this elsewhere).

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