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Reply to "A very, very interesting review and comparison. What's your take on his view of Bruce's new album?"

The Senior Citizen Center???  However, in all seriousness... I was hoping someone would bring up the correlation between the album and the Mid-Western, Western suicide epidemic.  I did read that RS article.  It's poignant and you make a very valid point.  Not to bring politics into this thread but I hope someone in the White House read it also.

Love your reply, Oats!

I turned 57 the day Western Stars was released. Not quite ready for an AARP subscription just yet, but they are starting to send me shit!

IMO, once you read the RS article, you get where Bruce is coming from. It can't help but hit hard, especially after the author reveals his impetus.....well I don't want to spoil it.

Yesterday at Backstreets, they also brought forth some insight behind "Sundown," along with other connections to Glen Campbell, past and present.

I tend to read all opinions and takes on WS. They deeper those words allow me to dig, the deeper I find the music to be. This is compelling stuff!

Only problem is, I cannot stop playing the album. I'm probably up to 50+ spins by now. The songs feel like they have been with me my whole life. It's like I know the people Bruce is singing about, personally.

A bit about me. I work with seniors in my health care job. I see depression, anxiety and fear every day.  I am on the front line dealing with truly good folks who feel their worthiness and usefulness slipping away with each day. It is truly sad. My clients have included good men (and women) who are suffering from debilitating illnesses - Alzheimer's, PSP, Lou Gehrig's Disease. I know all about what "sundowning" is.

A thing that I think I do well in my job, is place myself in the shoes of others. It is scary to think what can happen with aging. It is also little wonder why many males take matters into their own hands, fingers on the trigger, cutting to the chase.

Like Bruce, there is also lots of clinical depression in my family circle, mainly with the in laws I love.

So, I get it.

I gather that not everyone can share my perspective.  I'm actually happy for those who can't.

In my opinion, the record is a masterpiece!

Thanks, Oats, for saying you read the RS article.

About the White House and what they read, I just wonder if they can read at all.