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Reply to "A very, very interesting review and comparison. What's your take on his view of Bruce's new album?"

Scott Peterson posted:

I feel like he really missed a central point, which is that Bruce is NOT trying to stay relevant, whereas Madonna is.

Okay Oats, this is my Take 2 (LOL).

Scott's quote above is where I'm going with this. Also, the critic's mention of Bruce's "tone-deafness" irks me to no end.

As I see it, exactly which demographic does Bruce have to remain relevant to?

Bruce has always written about the concerns he sees around him. He writes to his age group and for the most part his audience has grown with him. I'm not saying his fan base is staring down 70, but the characters in his songs were in their 20s in the Born To Run era, as were many of us. We have followed those characters to where they - and we - are today.

If Bruce trying to be hip or stay with trends, it would be seen as delusional mistake.

When Bruce chooses to do something, he makes it relevant.

Furthermore, much of the subject matter is prevalent in his life. All we can ask of an artist is to reflect what he sees, what his times are.

As for the style of music on Western Stars, it perfectly suits the characterizations of the people he is writing about. It might not be your thing. That's fine.

But no half-assed critic, should be thinking they have better ideas of what Bruce ought to do.

A couple of weeks back, highlight this article. I read it in full but did not realize at the time that it would connect to Bruce's newest work.

It is an interesting read if you can spare the time.