Our review of Night 2, Oct. 4th: Bruce on Broadway

First of all forgive me for not writing sooner as real life and the Yankees got in the way. lol

Most of this review is by my blood brother and fellow SPLer, Hey_Eddie.  We've been going to shows together forever and having a great time doing so.  In that respect, this trip was no different.  Ed's review starts it off.

Fantastic night together with my blood brother Oats -- we were indeed very excited. Thanks to John's good luck and Bruce Karma -- we were nearly dead center in the 8th row -- excellent close up view of both the guitar and piano portions. The show is unlike any Springsteen performance I have ever seen in that it is highly scripted, right down to to detailed stage direction and 'hitting his marks". Bruce nicely pulls off the role of a Broadway Star in a one man show -- even after only performance number two, and looked pretty comfortable in this new role. The spoken interludes were well paced and he showed good comic timing, which he doesn't always do (aka Stand Up For Heroes :-)). Nice song selection, with each clearly picked to emphasize what he wanted the audience to feel during each phase of his storytelling. Although not dramatically different from Joad/D&D -- there were many more nuances in his vocal phrasings and pacing during most of the songs. The sound was crystal clear, the audience was highly respectful and well controlled. The set list is elsewhere for those who want the details -- I particularly enjoyed The Wish, BITUSA, and Long Walk Home. Overall I LOVED it start to finish, and recommend it for this group of dedicated fans who can find a way to attend.

On side notes, security was very tight with bomb sniffing dogs, very high tech metal detectors and bag checks on the way in. Show started at 8:05 and Bruce left the stage around 10:07. In orchestra seating, if you leave during the performance to use the restroom, you can not return to your seat -- having experienced the performance I can understand why -- but it seemed extreme at first. Patti joined for two songs and did a fine job. No taping/photos strongly enforced up until the final bow (and early when the audience entered.) 

I think this would make a fine Bluray or O.L.D. once the run is done. Oats and I were pondering if Bruce might head to London's West End or the West Coast next for some shows -- or maybe even extend this run if he enjoys it.

We wrapped up the evening with two New Jersey traditions -- an unexpected traffic jam for 20 minutes or so where we were at a dead stop despite it being 11PM on a Wednesday night, followed by a midnight meal at an old school NJ diner.

Many thanks to Oats for sharing his good ticket fortune with me -- and for another memorable "Road Trip" in the tradition of the many we have taken together over the past two decades.

Now it's my turn and again I won't speak of the music so as not to spoil it for others.  Suffice to say, a few songs have been reworked enough that you won't be disappointed.

One of the reasons I keep returning to see Bruce Springsteen express his art is he moves me.  Tonight was no exception.  As most of you know I've seen hundreds of shows.  This show brought me to tears.  Don't forget, as Bruce tells us his story... he's also telling our story.  The songs he sings have a different meaning to all of us and what was going on in our lives at that time.

For those of us that have been along for the ride through these many decades and yes I'm dating myself.  These are the footsteps of my life.  I took those steps along with Bruce and the band.  I feel like I traveled with Bruce.  I feel like I was along for the entire ride.  Sitting there in your seat and thinking about your life and his and how they intertwined in so many familiar yet different ways.  This show is a very contemplative experience .

I listened to one song that has special meaning to Bruce and always makes me think of my father but especially of my grandmother who I was so close to and loved me unconditionally.  I thought about this so intently.  After the show I completely forgot the next song was played.

But... don't get me wrong, the show is not a downer,  just reflective.  I came away like I do after every single one of his shows.  I'm excited and happy I went and on an adrenaline high.

I'm looking forward to going with Beth in January, we'll see if anything changes. You never know with the Boss?

A little bit about the theater.  It's very small, if you're tall expect to be snug.  The balcony is steep if you're afraid of heights sell your tickets. lol

This is a view from the balcony from a ticket blog site:

balcony seating at walter kerr theatre

If you want to purchase a souvenir.  I suggest buying it pre-show not after.  they have a line and close promptly 30 minutes after the show.  Don't chance missing out, get it beforehand.

I didn't walk around the theater but a couple of celebrities were in front of us. Eric Idle from Monty Python and Pat Riley of the Miami Heat were in attendance.

If you have a ticket, you won't be disappointed.


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