Last night of the Wrecking Ball tour - Rock in Rio setlist thread

I have returned with grateful thanks to those involved, whoever you are, now then about my post that had not spoesred. I conmentedvupin the fact that if bitusa. Was for a release live that there were many other recordings that could be released especially ones from non festivals

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anyway what else I was truing to say yesterday was:


we start the tour with a radio broadcast from Apollo, we wend the tour with a web broadcast from Rio


what the hell is going on?


grateful indeed but the only way a fan can get this stuff is by jl, dime etc


a big fan where i work doesnt even know about Rio webstream (yet)


just seems a little wierd but a wlecom wierd


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just had a peep at the bit of the show


wonderful, although im amazed at the huge number of WB songs played that night and the extreme number or rarities.


i smell an officila releae of dvd rio and audio apollo, its all doen and little cost involved in getting it out


first and last show, noone could complain, well not quite true is it


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oh, so the uploader has restricted it.

And the uploader looks to be the Rock in Rio folks.


Perhaps it's part of the deal they did with BS inc. coz they eventually want to sell more DVDs in the US??




She said last night she read those letters...
And they made her feel one hundred years old...

Originally Posted by ESTRTBNDFAN:
Originally Posted by Mathias:

Rock in Rio full show in 720p:

Not available in USA.


Did they not see the show.... it was Born In The USA geeshhhh   

That's a shame! It's great footage. Maybe as good (or bad?) as the Hyde Park DVD. A festival crowd, not his stage, not his best concert but still a decent concert with pro footage and pro sound. But this is why I don't want to get it as the next DVD. I want a good concert (Gothenburg 2nd?) with his stage and his audience.


Guess you can download Rock in Rio in a few days...

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