ISO Upgrades of 28th & 30th December 1975 Philadelpia Tower Theatre Shows

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This is my first post in a long time, I'm no longer active making DVD's due to health reasons. I am however still an avid Bruce fan and right now I'm in the middle of sorting through and upgrading my collection of 1975 shows.

I've found upgrades for those I have apart from two recorded at the Tower Theatre Philadelpia in 1975.

1. The first is from the 28th December 1975, I have the old Papilon "Sha La La" release, but I understand there is now an upgrade that includes not only better sound but also now includes "A Quarter to Three"

From Brucebase.......

"Soundboard tape. CD release 'Sha La La' (Papillon). A recent upgraded soundboard tape to circulate includes "Quarter To Three" which is not on previously circulated versions. It is also of significantly better quality!

2. The second is from the 30th December 1975, I used to have the old "Teardrops on the Tower" boot which had pretty ropey sound, I understand this show has also been upgraded which is now complete with the inclusion of the final two tracks and improved sound.

From Brucebase.....

Soundboard sourced but suffers from over-recording in parts. Released on CD 'Teardrops On The Tower'. A more recent soundboard upgrade tape has now circulated which has "Wear My Ring Around Your Neck" in a different location and includes the final two tracks not on other releases.

Please could some kind soul upload these upgraded versions to either Jungleland or ABMS for me as I'm unable to find them anywhere.

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