How many surprises will we see at the end of the European Tour? Kilkenny, Nowlan Park, Official Night Two Setlist Thread

Mando quit spying on me. That's two of my disguises you've blown now. That particular one was my Imelda May tribute.  


The problem with the pit is that there were too many event employees who came in for a pint and a chat. That's why Mrs Kinsey and I moved forward. Also, because I sensed a great evil lurking at the back, wearing a rain mac and nothing else.


Glad you agreed with the review Slane. All good wisdom comes from the capital.

Stan's review, including my sign in the foreground! Loose Ends on the other side.....


Slane Castle Meath '85 RDS Dublin '88 '93 '99 '03 '08 '08 '08 '09 '09 '12 '12 Point Dublin '96 '06 '06 06 Stade de France Paris '03 '13 Bercy Paris '05 SAP Arena Mannheim '07 Odyssey Belfast '07 Millenium Cardiff '08 Parc de Princes Paris '08 Monte del Gozo Santiago de Compostela '09 Olympiastadion Berlin '12 Etihad Manchester '12 Hyde Park London '12 Wembley Stadium London '13 Thomand Park Limerick '13 Pairc Uí Caoimh Cork '13 King's Hall Arena Belfast '13 Nowlan Park Kilkenny '13 '13

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Now that's wierd, I dreamt I had a shotgun last night....

Wedding or divorce?

Almost the latter after my fifth show but reeled her back in by bringing her to KK.....funny enough you were mentioned at the weekend actually, guy I always bump into was talking about DnD Bercy and that guy 'Manda....'

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