Exact Audio copy and Windows 7 64 bit issues

The latest EAC version 0.99 b5 seems to go crazy when trying to run on a 64 bit OS especially Windows 7.

it results with "unhandled exception access violation" error messages randomly.self-quitting during rip or disc play,etc.

you can't make these malfunctions go away completely ,all you can do is reduce their frequency.

i have found out the following actions might help in a certain way.

1) install the software to a directory in your root directory of the system hard drive.trying to install into the default ,windows\program files (x86) will likely to get you into lots of troubles.

2)don't install CDDAO. EAC has hard times running without it.don't make it worse.

3)add to the software installation directory wnaspi32.dll, aspi layer you can get it from the Nero website.Windows 7 and Vista don't support win32 aspi anymore.
open Eac,Eac options ,interface tab,check install external aspi.

4)open EAC,go to EAC options,directories tab.write down an extraction directory,make sure it is placed in the root directory of your system hard drive.by any means,don't use browse.

5) go to compression tab,external compression tab.uncheck use external program for compression.

6)go to your desktop,look for the EAC shortcut.mouse right-click.properties.compatibility tab.
check run this program in compatibility mode for Windows xp sp3.
check disable visual themes
check run this program as an administrator.
click apply.

again, you can't make the software's crashes completely disappear but you can reduce them significantly.

hope i helped.

btw: don't get EAC 0.99b5 from the official website,it points you to two download sites where the installation package contains a Trojan.be careful.

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Ofer if you download eac and un tick the optional ebay icon you will be ok (well should be).
It's a known issue.

I stopped having eac installed as all my boots are now flac smile
As for the Windows 7 'issues' I use my win xp for all my trading activities grin


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so,is it just me?

i try to convince this damn software to work properly for over two weeks now.

seven gates of hell.

i had an ancient machine for ten years,eventually died in her sleep.
so i had to buy new.

thanks for the encouragement,though.

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Originally Posted By: IvanNF
No problems here either running EAC on two Windows 7 machines, one of the 64-bit. Even rip directly to .flac on both of them.

Can you be a dummy about how computer software works to rip from EAC directly to flac? Computer dummy meaning I don't know a root directory from a root canal.

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